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Steel sheet pile construction should pay attention to the following matters when pulling out the steel sheet pile

Time:2016/10/20 11:09:24Nmu:697
Larson steel sheet pile is a special type of steel sheet pile, piling machine and vibration hammer steel plate pile into a continuous underground wall, as deep excavation retaining, temporary water retaining structure.
Application of Larson steel sheet pile is widely used in civil engineering, foundation, municipal, bridges, industrial buildings in. In the industry of steel sheet pile will be used for the construction of why people Larson steel sheet pile?
Steel sheet pile support has little influence on the surrounding environment. The steel sheet pile construction is simple, the procedure is simple, the quality is easy to control, the time limit for a project is short, and the site is clean and tidy. In addition, the steel sheet pile can be reused to save investment. The use of steel sheet pile foundation pit support, with the construction schedule is fast, safe, small space, etc.. Foundation pit supporting engineering is a construction technology developed with the development of underground space, which involves many disciplines and processes, and has strong regional characteristics.
The steel sheet pile wall seepage and base pressure grouting and sealing, the foundation pit can quickly dig pit surface to a predetermined height, after treatment, can be pouring concrete cushion plate, thus creating favorable conditions for the construction of the next stage, not only improve the progress of the project, but also affected by the rain season is small, the whole the success of the project.