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Experts teach you to prevent the penetration of steel sheet pile construction

Time:2016/10/20 11:10:27Nmu:622

Steel sheet pile is widely used in the construction of foundation construction, rare is the foundation project of water conservancy project of high efficiency, environmental protection type construction steel. At present, the annual consumption of steel sheet pile between 250--300 million tons, in Asia, Japan and South Korea, the annual consumption of 500 thousand tons. The consumption of Singapore, Hongkong, China and Taiwan are more than 50 thousand tons. In the steel sheet pile construction process, the steel sheet pile penetration phenomenon often occurs, the occurrence of such a situation will certainly affect the duration, so we must understand the reasons for the occurrence of infiltration
1, steel sheet pile phenomenon
More than half of foundation pit excavation, steel sheet pile found leakage, mainly in joints and corner, there are sand.
2, reason analysis
(1) steel sheet pile used more, before the use of the wo for repair or overhaul is not complete, the lock mouth bite is not good, so that the seam is easy to leak. The corner for closure, corner pile should be of special type, the angle of the pile will be cut off after the welding process, may cause deformation
(2) a set of steel sheet pile, locking two pieces of sheet pile may be inserted on tight, do not meet the requirements.
(3) the verticality of pile does not meet the requirements, resulting in locking Water Leakage.
3, steel sheet pile prevention measures
(1) the old steel sheet piles need to be repaired before setting up. Correction to be carried out on the platform, the bending deformation of the steel sheet pile can be used to press the top pressure or fire and other methods of correction.
(2) to make the bracket to ensure that the steel sheet pile is driven vertically and the steel sheet pile wall is straight.
(3) to prevent the sheet pile locking center line displacement of steel sheet pile can be set, pallets in the direction of the piling lock mouth, prevent the pile displacement.
(4) to ensure that the steel sheet pile is controlled by 2 sets of longitude and latitude in two directions.
(5) because the steel plate piles and tilt, locking joint gap closure is difficult. The solution is a profiled sheet pile (it is difficult); two is the axis closure law, this method is more convenient.