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How to test the new purchase of steel sheet pile and its storage conditions?

Time:2016/10/20 11:13:02Nmu:579
No matter what the industry of the object, there is a sort of qualifications, so in the field of steel sheet pile and why there will be a Larson steel sheet pile? On the whole, the steel sheet pile is a common name, which includes various types, i.e. Larson steel sheet pile of steel sheet pile is a member of the family, in fact, is provided with a lock sheet pile of steel material, divided into two kinds of hot and cold, from the type of speaking and can be divided into U Z type steel sheet pile, steel sheet pile and a steel sheet pile and so on.
Any steel sheet pile products are likely to exist defects, so the purchase and use of the product before the test has become an essential step. For steel sheet pile, the test is generally divided into appearance inspection and material inspection. It can reduce the unnecessary trouble in the construction process by testing the serious unqualified steel sheet pile and correcting the slight defect.
The first is the appearance of the inspection, including the length, width, thickness, surface defects, the end of the rectangular ratio, flatness, and the shape of the lock port and so on. Here are three points: one is the need to pay special attention on the steel sheet pile into the welding parts to cut out; the two is for cutting holes to defect section and reinforcement treatment; three had severe corrosion in steel sheet pile under the condition to measure the actual thickness of its cross section. In principle, in the construction of all the steel sheet pile to be used before the appearance of the test.
Then the test material, here is the chemical composition of the steel sheet pile to parent material and mechanical properties of comprehensive inspection. Including the analysis of the chemical composition of the steel used, the tensile and bending test of the component, the strength test of the lock and the extension rate test. In terms of inspection, each of the specifications of the steel sheet pile should be carried out at least one of the tensile, bending test; every fifty to twenty tons of steel sheet pile to do two test pieces test.
For the storage of steel sheet piles, first is the location choice, on the site, to choose not because of weight will happen parallel place, should choose a relatively flat and solid ground, this is to avoid the steel sheet pile due to self weight deformation, the two is to facilitate the use of more convenient when the steel sheet pile to the construction site.
In addition to the following three points need to pay attention to: 1, in the pile to take into account the future of the construction, to the proper decision of the sequence of steel sheet pile, position, direction and plane layout, etc.. The first part of the use of the most outside, the use of the back can go to the inside, so that the use of the time can be convenient to transport. 2, for different types of steel sheet pile to be separated, can not be piled up, according to different specifications, the length of good classification, and to mark on the stacking place, this is to use can easily find want to use steel sheet pile. 3, the steel sheet pile pile should be piled up in layer, generally each layer of the number of not more than 5, in addition to the layer between the pad on the sleepers, the distance between the sleepers is generally 3 to 4 meters, and to ensure that the upper and lower sleepers should be in the same vertical line, the total height of general pile the case should not be more than two meters.