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Analysis of roll steel sheet pile and Countermeasures

Time:2016/10/20 11:13:26Nmu:627
Steel sheet pile for permanent buildings and two temporary buildings, for permanent building used in revetment, stevedoring, revetment, retaining wall, breakwater, diversion dike, bollards, dock, sluice and spillway, slope protection, anti scour, foot wall of water. Temporary buildings used in supporting, temporary and temporary cofferdam revetment, island and other places. In the construction of steel sheet pile, we occasionally found in the steel sheet pile should roll, today Wuxi Hengyong Construction Engineering Company Limited analysis for everyone:
There are two reasons, one plate pile roll phenomenon:
1) where is the construction of steel sheet pile in soft soil, the design of the embedded depth is not enough, resulting in sinking pile ground, grand bottom up.
2) by digging excavators and earth moving vehicles in the steel plate pile, increase the ground load of land, resulting in steel sheet pile roll.
Two, solve the steel sheet pile roll measures:
Steel sheet pile embedded depth according to various factors determine the precise calculation, excavators and earth moving vehicles can be the foundation pit work, if there is a need to go to increase the ground load calculation, steel sheet pile embedded depth. In construction because of its soil and determine the thickness of the substrate to do pressure grouting, the number of pulp is 3 to 4 for the appropriate, which can better waterproof and must be surrounded by support.